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Your Trusted Vet Clinic in Currumbin

vet clinic in currumbin

Be they young or old, sick or healthy, we’ll make sure your little pals get everything they need to stay well. As a skilled and
well-established veterinary practice, we can guarantee
top-notch service in every respect, and we think both you and your pet will be very pleased!
To book an appointment or chat with one of our expert vets, just ring (07) 5534 2600. Your pet’s in safe hands.


vet clinic in Currumbin
We’re just as committed to keeping pets healthy as we are to actually treating them, and we’ve got all kinds of services to help your loved ones live the good life. Up-to-date 3 yearly vaccinations, quality nutritional advice and parasite-prevention, for instance, are all vital to your pet's health. At Currumbin vet clinic we can also offer things like microchipping, dentistry and even weight loss programs (although we promise not to hurt any sensitive animal-feelings).


vet clinic in currumbin
At Currumbin Vet clinic, we’re fortunate to have access to some of the best facilities available. We can handle (with extreme care, of course) the desexing of cats, dogs and other domestic animals, as well as various orthopaedic and soft tissue surgeries. 

Lab Tests

vet clinic currumbin
We’re also well-equipped to provide comprehensive diagnoses. Whether we’re searching for a specific ailment or simply running a check-up, we can run a full range of tests including digital radiology and blood and urine pathologies. Don't worry at Currumbin vet surgery we’ll get to the bottom of things.
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